We Responsibly Liquidate, Refurbish and Re-purpose Outdated, and Unviable IT Business Equipment

Why the World needs IT Asset Recycling and Disposition Services?

With the fast-paced advancement of technology and rapidly rising concerns related to data leaks and misuse, the IT equipment disposition and recycling processes are getting over-complicated and demanding. That’s where professionals step in, streamline and accelerate disposition and make the process painless for their clients. IT asset recycling and disposition service providers dismantle and recycle those assets in a manner that is safe for stakeholders as well as the planet.

Liquidate Your Assets Today and Get the Best IT investment Value recovery.

What we do

IT Asset Recycling and Disposition

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. ITAD vendors specialize in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets, while minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses.

Technology is evolving rapidly and refresh cycles are shrinking. As a result, the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more complex and introduces significant business risk for you and your organization. 

Make Money from E-Waste in Just 3 Steps

  1. Reach us via Email:

Don’t collect dust on your obsolete IT equipment. Get rid of them and redeem some extra cash from those idle, unproductive assets. Write to us and wait for our purchasing representatives to get back to you.

  1. Get Best Quotes within one Business Day:

We quickly process the quote request. We get all the details that we require from you regarding the equipment, perform a physical inspection if required, and prepare a bid in our customer’s interest.

  1. Get the cash.

When you agree to our offered price, we initiate the equipment pick up and payment process. We deliver you a price that you can’t say no to. You earn some extra cash and we get equipment for refurbishment and repurposing.

We are certified

Ultimate solutions
Star Micro Inc. is one of the top-notch IT assets recycle and disposition company based out of Fremont (CA), extending dedicated services to IT networking, electronics retail, telecom, medical businesses, etc., for more than two decades.

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IT Equipment Purchasing

We are interested in purchasing your surplus product inventory.

Our Purchasing Program pertains to functional surplus equipment you wish to liquidate to make the best return on your outdated IT assets. We provide prompt and competitive offers for the purchase of new or refurbished surplus equipment. We work with businesses all over the bay area who focus on IT networking devices, computers, telecom, medical, lab equipment and much more.

Star Micro offers this IT equipment purchasing service to businesses for new, refurbished, or RMA devices. If you wish to sell us your product equipment please contact our representatives with your request by email and we will communicate you with our purchasing representative. Take the initiative and contact one of our sales representatives during our normal business hours. Our promise to you is to provide a swift and easy purchasing process. New quote requests are processed quickly and you will be contacted within one business day. 

Our services

Electronic waste management:

We follow a set chronological process in dismantling and recycling your archaic IT and worthless IT assets, not forgetting customer benefits at any point. We use a specific mechanism.

Easy pick up

Our representative will audit your product to provide you the true value and then transport it to our location.

Data Demolition with certification:

We destroy data and reshape the whole product, after erasing the whole data we give you the assurance by providing a certificate. So, you can hand over us your idle IT assets and rest assured that all risks are taken care of.

Data Centre Decommissioning

Our Data Centre Decommissioning servicing and ITAD servicing are available in wide area and we provide everything at your door step.

Our work

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Customer Sectors

We are dedicated to serving you as our customer. Just as each organization works and thrives differently, we know that each organization has different priorities when it comes to requesting our recycling services. ​Our services are flexible to your necessities and we are more than happy to work around what you deem most important.


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Data Centers

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Our Testimonials

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John Doe


We honour our years of working with great brands and look forward to working with many more.

Why Us

We are a company that treats the customer as a king. Leverage our services to liquidate your sitting inventory as we are amongst top-notch ITAD companies based in the US. You need not get baffled on this question that why you should choose us or any other company. We would help you to make this decision easier and faster. We are a company with strong finances. We have the following traits which make us a market leader:
  • Environment-friendly asset Liquidation system armed with hi-tech IT refurbishing and recycling gadgets.
  • Well trained hard-working professionals.
  • We provide you re-use, recycling services in and around the Bay Area with the best and swift transport system.
  • Our tracking system is robust and response is pro-active.
  • Rampant processing with all in-house systems without any dependency on the third party.
  • Fast payment and collection methods.

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