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Sell Your Used Electronic Equipment to Us

Is your company burdened with outdated electronic equipment that only takes up space? Consider selling all of them to Star Micro. We have been in the business for more than a decade and have helped businesses of all sizes dispose of obsolete computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other office electronic equipment properly while earning a little bit of revenue out of the process.


Why Sell Unused and Obsolete Electronic Equipment?

Its understandable for a business to have doubts over whether to sell old and unused, but perfectly working equipment. After all, they could still be put to good use later on. But this is a counter-productive way of thinking, and may lead to your business missing out on a few opportunities.

Electronics get faster and smaller all the time. So holding on to obsolete equipment meant that you’re missing out on hardware that can do more work in less amount of time, while occupying less physical space.

Sell your old equipment to Star Micro, reclaim more space for use on better, newer equipment or more working space for additional manpower. In a way, disposing of legacy hardware can also be considered as an aspect of streamlining your business process – with tangible, immediately felt results.

Obsolete equipment could leave you vulnerable. Many data breaches or leaks happen because of unused office equipment that was thrown around. From old printouts, labels, and even recoverable traces of deleted data, many companies were unknowingly subjected to security breaches after disposing of old hardware.

Star Micro will help you properly dispose of your old hardware. This means using industry standard best practices and equipment in order to ensure that there will be no recoverable trace of company data on all machines, this includes the use of specialized equipment such as degaussers and hard drive erasers.

Recoup a little bit of money. Many businesses tend to feel wary of disposing of functional equipment because it feels like they are flushing money down the drain, this is understandable and a valid feeling, even though the benefits of decluttering and streamlining could eventually pay for itself over time. But if you sell old equipment to Star Micro, it wouldn’t feel wasteful as you’re going to earn back a little bit of revenue as opposed to merely managing e-waste.

Give back to the environment. Corporations tend to suffer a poor reputation from consumers believing that it’s all about profits, not to mention that many environmental ills are attributed to global corporations. We at Star Micro properly dispose of obsolete equipment by reselling, repurposing, repairing, and recycling hardware that are still functional while those that are beyond rehabilitation are disposed of safely and according to environment-friendly practices. Selling to us allows your business to practice ethical e-waste management and to promote corporate social responsibility. You can wear these practices like a badge, which should help build a positive reputation among consumers and the public.

Why Sell to Star Micro?

We have been in this business for more than a decade and have built a relationship with the biggest, most prominent names in various industries. If you are going to deal with something as sensitive and potentially risky endeavor as e-waste management, then it is safer to put your trust in our company, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and securely.

Our company has extensive experience with working closely alongside clients, whether they are small to medium sized businesses or global brands. We have the necessary knowledge and corporate muscle memory needed to ensure a seamless working relationship between our staff and yours.

Everybody Benefits

Selling your old electronic equipment to Star Micro is ideal, as it benefits all parties involved. Your business gets rid of unneeded hardware safely while earning back a little revenue, the environment gets saved from additional e-waste cluttering up oceans or landfills, and your hardware finds new life as repurposed equipment in the hands of other users. It is the kind of situation where everybody wins that Star Micro takes pride in.

So if you have accumulated unused electronic equipment such as smartphones, computers, laptops, printers, and various other office equipment, why not contact us with a list of things you’re interested in selling, and we’ll work out a deal that benefits everyone.

Everybody Benefits with Recycling.