Give Back To The Environment


Who we are

Star Micro, Inc. is a computer and Electronic Recycling company situated in Fremont, California that works closely with corporations in the management and disposal of their legacy or surplus electronic equipment. We work very closely with clients in ensuring that their unwanted electronics are disposed of in ethical and industry standards-compliant ways, preventing said hardware from adding more to the world’s ever-increasing mountain of pollutants and waste.

We seek both defective and working equipment such as tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, servers or any electronic hardware or just discarded parts and accessories, and would accept them either as donations or will buy them for a fair (and sometimes above average) market price, which should allow corporations to recoup a little of their cost instead of seeing e-waste management as nothing but a necessary expense.

We have been in the business for almost a decade and have fostered relationships with corporations all over the country. Our tireless commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of clients mean big name companies have learned how to trust us with their e-waste management and disposal, and ultimately their name as well.

Our Services

Electronic waste is a problem that has only become apparent in the last few decades, but industrialization and the rapid technological advancements meant a sharp increase in e-waste production, particularly in developed countries. The biggest contributions came from corporations, which tend to accumulate computers, mobile phones, display devices, server hardware fast but must also keep up with industry trends, which meant that the equipment becomes obsolete much faster than residential users

In this sense, Star Micro not only helps in e-waste management disposal, but also improves an organization’s data security by getting rid of potential security blind spots and avenues for leaks.

We Are Committed to Helping the Environment

We believe in being socially responsible and would gladly help companies that have become so big, that e-waste management becomes a burden and a logistics issue. Instead of just solving a corporation’s e-waste disposal problem, we help e-waste management as a whole and may provide guidance that will minimize e-waste in the future.

We Help Your Company’s Data Security

Old equipment is a common vulnerability when it comes to leaks and data breaches. Old computers or server equipment that may hold sensitive company and customer information could be breached by malicious individuals without the management knowing, or could fall into third parties’ hands when disposed off improperly

Being Socially Responsible Helps Your Reputation

By working with Star Micro, corporations can be proud of their business for being socially responsible and for giving back to the environment, or at least not adding any more problems. This behavior among corporations goes a long way in gaining the public’s approval and support, which translate well to a better public image and a more responsive potential customer base

Helping Keep the Planet Clean

Star Micro, Inc. helps these corporations give back to the environment, by taking the e-waste off their hands and keeping them off landfills or garbage piles, through reuse, salvage, resale, repair, or recycling of broken parts into new material resources. This is a more productive utilization of electronics equipment than letting them lay dormant, gathering dust and taking up useful warehouse or office space.

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