Practice Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

Proper IT Asset Management and Disposal

Over time, organizations tend to accumulate a surplus of electronic equipment that become liabilities, taking up valuable office space and being potential avenues for data breaches. Our services help these organizations in managing the reuse or proper disposal of these electronic equipment, so that they can reclaim office space and recoup a little bit of the cost, should they decide to sell these surplus.

Help the Environment While Improving Bottom-line

Businesses that practice social responsibility see benefits by way of better public image, which tend to translate to positive market response and a potential improvement in revenue. Additionally, our service turns e-waste management into a positive cash flow, as opposed to a messy logistics problem as it has been considered in the past. If juggling between helping the environment and optimizing your business’ bottom-line is a concern, you can solve both problems at once by donating or selling end-of-life electronics to us

Achieve True Zero E-Waste

By working closely with our company, businesses can achieve the coveted Zero E-Waste status, as we ensure the disposal and recycling of unwanted equipment, as well as any associated by products and parts. Additionally, we do our part in ensuring that none of the e-waste that’s been donated or sold to us will end up being thrown away in a landfill. We make sure the equipment are given new purpose and continue to be usable in one form or another.

Consistent and Well-Documented Procedures

Full Compliant.

Our process is streamlined and well-documented, with a clearly defined audit trail, so organizations can rest easy in the knowledge that their relationship with our company is done with full compliance with programs and policies that are relevant to their industry.

Data Security is Prioritized

Data Destruction 

One of the risks when it comes to disposing of legacy and broken equipment is the inherent risk of sensitive data falling into the hands of third parties. For many organizations, a data breach resulting from improper waste disposal could result in massive financial losses as well as tarnished reputation. This makes e-waste management a risky and resource-intensive endeavor. We alleviate this concern by ensuring that all data is purged – whether its through shredding of documents, purging of drives, or even degaussing of equipment, to ensure that no traces of data will be at risk of falling in the hands of unauthorized parties.

We Help with Logistics

When organizations need to manage surplus or unwanted equipment, it becomes a logistics problem that are frequently beyond the responsibilities or skill sets of most office managers. We will offer a variety of solutions to these problems, and will give organizations more freedom to decide what to do with their electronic equipment, be it reuse, value recovery, or even proper disposal of the products and its materials.

Starmicro team

Who are our clients

We work closely with organizations that seek to reorganize and repurpose surplus electronic equipment, but we also aim to help businesses that seek to practice corporate social responsibility, by allowing their unwanted equipment to be recycled, reused, or repurposed instead of adding to the ever-increasing e-waste that’s harming the planet and its inhabitants.


We work closely with clients and assign representatives who are well-trained and suited specifically for the clients’ needs and situation, depending on the nature of the client’s business and any state laws governing e-waste disposal. This ensures custom-tailored service that can accommodate special projects and unorthodox requests.

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